eLearning Prototype: Geology

I built this 40-slide course on identifying faults using Adobe Captivate. Learners begin with a social context that extends the application of this skill beyond the classroom and immediately poses a challenge. After a quick review of prior learning and course objectives, learners dive into formative assessment activities that build up to the objective. Each activity provides immediate feedback, and when learners are ready, they return to the initial challenge.


  • Option for an accelerated path through the content supports the needs of advanced and gifted learners
  • Color scheme minimizes confusion for learners with various forms of color-blindness (see the research of Bang Wong published on page 441 of Nature Methods in volume 8 of 2011)
  • Closed-Captioning supports deaf or hearing-impaired learners
  • Alt-text descriptions of images and slides supports visually impaired students using a text reader (however, current prototype is not fully accessible for learners who are blind)

Watch the video demo


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